What is "Personal Trader"?

Investor —
is a person who is providing assets to be managed in the financial markets for profit.

Trader —
is a person carrying out transactions with various financial instruments with a view to profit.


"Personal Trader" project of TeleTRADE is aimed at solving the fundamental problem which is to help the investor find the trader.

TeleTRADE has offered unique opportunities to take advantage of the FOREX currency market, of US stock markets to increase your own assets. If you do not have enough time to personally manage funds in the FOREX market, or you do not want to learn all the nuances of stock trading, you can use services of a trader who has the appropriate training and experience in asset management. The trader is a specialist, whose main activity is to manage assets in financial markets.

Specialists of the TeleTRADE Company will tell you all about FOREX market, will help select the best trader that suits your plans, will consult on all matters related to transferring your funds into management, will give support in any disputable situations. If you decide to take control of your own assets in FOREX, be prepared that at first you have to devote much time to explore this area of work.


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on investment in the financial markets, you can send them to us using the feedback form. We will contact you on these contacts and we will give you a consultation.

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