Investing in FOREX

Investment Management is a serious business that requires at least a choice of a competent financial advisor with relevant experience and versed in all the intricacies of this issue. And if is not possible to allocate sufficient time to the management of equity capital, then it is wiser to entrust this business to a professional trader with experience and a solid knowledge of financial markets, who will in time take into account every nuance of the current market situation and take deliberate commercial decision.

For a better understanding of investing in the FOREX financial market, have a look at the scheme below:

If you are not a customer of the TeleTRADE Company you need to open a trading account under "The Personal Trader" project.
The client may file to TeleTRADE an individual application form to the program
The investor selects an individual trader for management of assets on his trading account
Investor sends invitation to the trader to manage the investor's account.



The work is done only by the trader.

The investor passes the trading account into management of the trader. Conditions are discussed and negotiated; suggestions and working limitations are also agreed upon. After the trader proceeds to make trading decisions independently.

The investor retains the right of monitoring the account, as well as all the right for the input and withdrawal of assets.

Joint work

The investor pays extra attention to the process of trading, and consults with the trader, in addition, the investor has the right to recommend his vision of the market, for the trader could take it into account when trading. An investor may have one or two accounts. On one of the accounts all trading is done by the personal trader and on the other account trading operations are performed only the investor.

An investor monitors results of the trading operations of the trader, and may at any time cancel the cooperation.
The remuneration reward is paid off on a monthly basis, which depends on the size of gained profits.


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on investment in the financial markets, you can send them to us using the feedback form. We will contact you on these contacts and we will give you a consultation.

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