Bonuses and Promotions

For all investors, the "Personal Trader" project opens access to special bonus programs of TeleTRADE.

Bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the amount of your investment when opening your live account as well as funding it . These bonuses are an important additional argument in favor of the "Personal Trader" project and collaboration with TeleTRADE. They represent a very substantial boost to profits from the transactions carried out on the market. In addition, the bonus has a function of a "safety cushion" in terms of long-term partnership with the client to compensate for some of the risk of unexpected losses.

TeleTRADE is working with regular clients on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership. Providing clients with access to operations on global financial markets, the company receives income and is willing to share part of its profits. Relationships are very simple: the company makes profit, and the customer receives additional revenue too.

A distinctive feature of our bonus programs: bonuses from TeleTRADE can not only be used in commercial transactions, but after a certain number of these transactions revenue can be transferred to a bank account, card or electronic purse of the client.

From September 2 to September 30, 2012, each investor engaged in "Personal Trader" the project can join the "10% Bonus "action: get 10% of the amount of the live account deposit when opening or replenishing it. More detailed information can be obtained in the offices of the TeleTRADE company.

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