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What documents are required for registration of collaboration?

  • — An identity document (passport).
  • — Personal bank account.
  • — The power of attorney on behalf of the company's right to open an account, input / withdrawal of assets (for legal entities).

How can I enroll funds into my account?

Funds for the trade account can be transferred by bank transfer, WebMoney or credit / debit cards. To do this you must use the Personal Cabinet and to perform the desired action procedures. Time for enrollment of funds is 1-3 business days in average.

How can I withdraw assets from my trading account?

Funds from the account can be withdrawn by the bank transfer to your foreign currency account or via Web-Money. To do this you must use the Personal Cabinet and perform the desired action procedures. Time for withdrawal is 1-3 business days in average.

What is the taxation of my activities on the Forex market?

On the basis of the contract concluded between you and TeleTRADE for services of conducting trades in the Forex financial market, all taxes and fees provided for the retention of legal / natural persons in accordance with the laws of the State under whose jurisdiction you are, will be paid by you in person at the prescribed order. TeleTRADE is not a tax agent.

What should I do to start work with a trader?

You should be familiar with the procedure of opening an account. For more information, please contact one of the nearest office of TeleTRADE, where the service "Personal Trader"is provided. Addresses and phone numbers of offices available in the Contact section.

If I am geographically in the city, where there is no office of TeleTRADE. How will I be able to collaborate with the "Personal Trader" project?

Currently the "Personal Trader" service is actively developing and is available in many offices TeleTRADE in the Russian Federation and abroad. You can select your nearest office and to drive up there for the registration of co-operation. Or, you can arrange to remotely send a request cooperation application for opening an account directly from the project.

We will contact you as soon as possible, we will recommend your best investment conditions, a candidate trader and advise on all issues of further cooperation.

How can I monitor the status of my trading account?

Based on the agreement concluded with TeleTRADE, the investor receives authorization information from his trading account, which can be accessed at any time using the trading platform MetaTrader.

Trading Platform allows you to monitor the status of an account, open and closed trades, enables you to make trades on your own.

What is the procedure of the removal of profit from my trading account?

Income withdrawal falls on the 1st day of each calendar month, or next working day if the date of the reporting period falls on a weekend or holiday.

To do this you must use the Personal Cabinet and to complete an application for assets withdrawal.

How should I pay a trader for his services?

To do this you must use the Personal Cabinet and in the "Personal Trader" section you have to select the current open colloboration with the trader. Next, click on "pay off with a trader." After that it will automatically calculate a trader and commission will be credited to his trading account.

Will I be able to consult with a trader on the Forex market and current situation in my trading account?

Yes. Each trader in our project not only manages the assets, but also is a "personal manager" for the investor. You can always ask him questions on relevant aspects of the Forex market and the current situation in your trading account.

If in the process of trading it turns out that my trader does not suit me, can I change him for another?

Yes, in deed. You need to cancel the colloboration with the trader in your Personal Cabinet. Then you can proceed to choose another trader in the list. You can also contact consultant of the office, where you opened your trading account, for advice on the selection of a trader. We treat terms of investment for each client individually and we are ready to listen to you and make our counter-proposals.

If I have an urgent need for all the funds from my account, can I urgently terminate the colloboration and withdraw my funds?

Yes. You may at any time complete the colloboration with the company and to withdraw all funds into your bank account.

In what currency should I transfer funds into my live account?

Payments are accepted in USD, EUR, RUB and also through the Web-Money to WMZ, WME, WMR (1 WMZ = 1 USD, a WME = 1 EUR, 1 WMR = 1 RUB). Enrollment of funds to the trade account is in USD at the exchange rate at the time of FOREX receipt of funds.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on investment in the financial markets, you can send them to us using the feedback form. We will contact you on these contacts and we will give you a consultation.

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