Become a customer

To start cooperation with the "Personal Trader" project on investment and asset management in the FOREX market you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Step 1.

    If you are not a TeleTRADE customer yet, you need to open an account under the "Personal Trader" program by contacting one of our offices where this service is provided. For the TeleTRADE customer service can be connected to an individual application by contacting the consultant of the office, where the customer opened a trading account.

  2. Step 2.

    In your Personal Cabinet choose the section "Personal Trader" which will display a list of traders available in offices. Choose the required trader's candidacy, or just specify his ID known to you, and send him a proposal for cooperation in managing your trading account. In the application you need to specify a percentage of profits, which you offer pay to the trader as his remuneration. We recommend discussing and agreeing all the terms of cooperation with the trader. It is better to conclude an electronic or paper version of the cooperation agreement with the trader. Contact details of the trader can be obtained from the consultant office, where you opened a trading account. After the trader accepts your offer the trading system changes the trader's password at random to a new one and it is made available to the new trader in the Personal Cabinet area. After that the investor looses the right to do trading himself but secures the right to view the account status and all his rights to fund or withdraw assets from the account using an investor password. The trader has no rights to withdraw assets from the trading account of the investor. Since then, a trader can start trading.

  3. Step 3.

    Once a month, at the start of each calendar month, we encourage you to make calculations with the trader to pay his remuneration. To do this in the Personal Cabinet area you click the option to "pay off with the trader," after that the trader's remuneration is automatically calculated and the trader's trading account will be credited. You may at any time terminate the colloboration with the trader, who is not good enough as you think and pick another candidate from the list of traders. Or, you can choose to continue to trade on his account yourself. Upon termination of cooperation with the trader the automatic calculation of the trader's remuneration is done.

You can send us a request an application of cooperation. TeleTRADE managers will contact you and help you in opening an account:

Application for opening an account

format +972 (3) 123-34-56

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on investment in the financial markets, you can send them to us using the feedback form. We will contact you on these contacts and we will give you a consultation.

format +972 (3) 123-34-56