About the project

The "Personal trader" project was created in 2003 on the basis of TeleTRADE - the largest FOREX market operator in Israel, Europe, Russia and CIS states. It should be noted that the TeleTRADE company has been operating for more than 17 years. It was established in 1994. Even by Russian standards, such major players as the Alfa Bank and VTB started to provide customers with the ability to work in the FOREX market after several years TeleTRADE had been created.

You do not have time to personally manage your assets in financial markets? You are engaged in another business field and do not want to learn all the nuances of stock trading? The "Personal Trader" project is at your service!

We suggest you take advantage of unique possibilities especially in the FOREX foreign exchange market, which can generate high returns regardless of the direction of trade (an increase or decrease in foreign currency). You can also instruct the trader to perform operations in the U.S. stock market, deals with the oil contracts, in gold, silver - managing a single trading account to increase your own assets.

The trader is a specialist whose main kind of activity is asset management in financial markets.

Under the "Personal Trader" project a well-organized system of recruitment and training of experienced traders has been designed and created. There is an extensive file of traders, each of whom is ready to not only manage your assets, but also to become your personal financial advisor. You can choose a variety of options for collaboration - working with a personal trader, consultation with the trader, trading in the Forex and CFD market. Traders of our project are distinguished by professionalism, by a measure of accountability and by a focus on effective and mutually beneficial cooperation with the client.

In trade, there are different strategies: for a conservative investor, when the priority is the safety and preservation of your assets, and strategies for investors focused on high and ultra high income. Choosing a trader, you put the task in front of the trader; including specific acceptable for you trade restrictions, for example, the maximum amount of risk as an integral part of the basic contract.

To improve the efficiency of the financial instruments in a changing market environment, we regularly hold trainings for our staff, improving their professional knowledge and skills.

If you do want to get more in-depth knowledge of financial markets, or to prepare for self-management of trading operations on the account, we are ready to offer the best option for getting trainings, based on our capabilities and your requirements.

The company on its part is committed to the people represented in the card files of the project to create the opportunity to acquire knowledge at a level sufficient to move from the category of "personal traders" into the category of "personal financial advisors." We focus all traders whose resumes are placed in a card file, to achieve this level of knowledge that the investor would be eager to leverage the potential of your personal trader, not only directly in the process of working with assets in world financial markets, but also to address issues related to domestic stock market, local taxation, etc.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on investment in the financial markets, you can send them to us using the feedback form. We will contact you on these contacts and we will give you a consultation.

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